Pacetracer’s diagnostic tool

The climate chart is the management team's analysis and planning arena. The structure helps you visualise seven key perspectives that cover and explain your innovation climate. Some of the many aspects you will be able to judge, discuss and agree upon are; what the external requirements are, the focus of the management and the flexibility of your employees. But also much more, including your own focus areas.

The diagnostic tool is also a method of prioritising efforts. Change takes time, but it does not mean you have to wait. On the contrary, it is important to find areas where efforts have immediate effect.

And last but not least, the diagnostic tool is a reference tool. If your own inspiration and creativity needs to be refilled, you look in Pacetracer’s over 300 tactical tools. It is a treasure chest of tools and methods that are catalogued based on perspective, development and level. You leave the diagnosis phase with greater and deeper understanding. But also with a set of tangible measures that can be put into practice already the next business day.

The app, your mental pedometer

The foundation of the innovation climate is the organisation’s employees. That is why the foundation in Pacetracer is an app that helps you and your colleagues to monitor, and increase your personal innovation pace.

Have you changed your habits? Have you met new people? Have you learned something you didn’t know before? Every day for one minute, you get to answer ten questions regarding your own individual pace of change. You see your progress immediately. The app shows your personal Pace and how you are doing compared to your colleagues and the rest of the world.

With awards, challenges and increasing difficulties, the app is great to use. Surely you are able to beat your personal best next week? The app's news flow offers you help and inspiration along with exciting innovative features. Everything in your smartphone.

Dashboard delivers the climate in numbers

Are we getting more innovative? Which parts of the organisation move faster than the outside world and which are perhaps moving too slowly?

To plan efforts and development projects, but also to assess and follow up the things we have already done, you need data. Pacetracer collects results and trends from all the employees using the app. No data can be attributed to a specific person - but you can see if there are differences between departments or perhaps between occupational categories and ages- You will also learn how your Pacetracer project is developing. How many people are using the app? What can you do to remind your colleagues about the value of innovation? And when is it time to do it?

Lastly, the dashboard and the organisation's aggregated Pace is one of the most important fundamentals when you and your management team make a new innovation diagnosis, discuss new world conditions and choose a new set of tactical tools.

Pacetracer is a tool for iterative development of your innovation climate. Every lap is even better than the previous on