Location chart of the organisation’s innovation climate

With analytic questions, you create an image of your situation. It contains both the external requirements as well as the internal abilities and resources. The background factors determining how susceptible you are to change are mapped out in six dimensions. When put together, the location chart will show if the organisation’s innovation ability is relevant and well-balanced.

External pressure

The organisation’s external pressures determine the requirements on the organisation’s ability to innovate. The higher pressure, the faster we need to develop.


Managements focus is assessed on a scale from internal and stability-creating to external and change-oriented.

Information logic

The information flow in the organisation affects both decision-making and employees perceptions and attitudes.


Employees attitudes and behaviours are the most important factor behind all development. It is also the best measurement of the innovation climate.


What is rewarded in the organisation? What is the balance between doing what is planned and trying something new?


The organisation’s offer is the final result of your work. But the offer also has requirements on how the work must be executed.

Own focus

Most organisations have their own focus, a will. Environmental commitment, digitalisation or perhaps CSR?

An app for all employees to support their innovation efforts

The app is a mental pedometer. Every day it asks ten questions that will help your employees reflect on their habits and routines. By breaking his or her habitual patterns the user increases the pace of innovation, and the app displays the user’s own development.


The app asks ten different questions every day. Have you changed your habits? Have you read anything new? Have you helped someone else? Have you developed your abilities?


The app will immediately let you know the rate of change you have. Has it increased or decreased? Every day, you’ll also get a tip depending on how it goes.


The speed of last week, month and year are shown in a diagram. How have you changed compared to your colleagues? How are you doing in relation to the world?


The app news flow offers you help and inspiration along with exciting innovative features. Everything in your smartphone.


With awards, challenges and increasing difficulties, the app is great to use. Surely you are able to beat your personal best next week?

The collected innovation capacity of the organization is presented graphically

The development of the employees is compiled and forms the basis for the graphical presentation on Pacetracer’s Dashboard. It shows the innovation temperature in groups, departments or professional categories. This information is of course anonymized; it is not possible to follow individual employees. The Dashboard also shows change over time, and it is possible to follow up on if, and if so how, the organization has been affected by different activities or ongoing development efforts.


Free of charge

For personal use.

The app is free of charge and can be used by anyone

  • Measure your development pace with the app
  • Compare your Pace with the world
  • Receive news and tips to your smartphone
  • Enter into competitions with other users

0 $ /per month


Measure the innovation pace for the entire organisation

Innovation diagnosis, the app and dashboard

  • Everything that is included in Free
  • Everything that is included in Free
  • Receive two innovation diagnosis on the organisation. One at the beginning and one at the end of the period
  • See and analyse the organisation’s development in Dashboard
  • Get access to tactical tools to develop the organisation

On request


Licensed Pacetracer

Training and license for internal use, including customisation of content and results/ /analysis

  • Everything that is included in Professional
  • License to use all Pacetracer’s tools internally
  • Training in developing all parts of your organisation with Pacetracer
  • Add your own questions, pins and awards to the app.

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The App is free and will always be so.

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